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"Kosmos Future Hookah Tobacco" it`s a new revolutionary brand of tobacco in the hookah industry. The company with ten years of experience in this field, whose professionalism is the highest in Ukraine, presents to all amateurs and even those who have hookah smoking as an integral ritual of life, a new high-quality tobacco for hookah "Kosmos".

Based on big experience and negative results of long research of existing offers from different manufacturers of hookah tobacco, the professional team of the company "Kosmos Future Hookah Tobacco" undertook to develop a new product that will meet all expectations of customers and will bring an incredible pleasure during the smoking process.

It took a long time to find really high quality and ecological components of Kosmos tobacco, because the proposals of most manufacturers have some elements that contain carcinogenic substances and have a negative impact on the human body. Despite all the difficulties during the search for raw materials, production and human efforts, as a result, we have a really high quality product that is as safe for consumption as possible.

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